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Towards new horizons: Touristic Kyiv - Tourist guide in Ukraine

"Verso nuovi orizzonti" : Touristic Kyiv - Guida turistica in Ucraina

"Touristic Kyiv" - guida turistica in Ucraina - e' partner di Tour Marketing Ucraina di Giuseppe Correra e dei Blog di Giuseppe Correra.







Towards new horizons: Touristic Kyiv - Tourist guide in Ukraine

ENGLISH VERSION by Giuseppe Correra



"Touristic Kyiv" in Ukraine, is composed of valid professionals working in various commercial sectors united to guarantee alternative professional services to those who intend to travel in Ukraine. Ideas and tips for enjoying leisure time in both the capital Kyiv and various tourist destinations in Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv / Lviv, Odessa, Kamenets-Podolskiy, the MontiCarpazi, Chernihiv.


All these places have a special special charm, and the ideal time of year to spend at least a week in Ukraine is April - October. But I maintain that at any time of the year Ukraine is worthy of being visited.

Green tourism and cultural immersion. Ukraine can boast original traditions and a rich culture. If you are a lover of night life we ​​recommend you the best clubs and bars in Ukraine.

Beauty and health tours. Kyiv is becoming a capital of the beauty industry with highly qualified professionals.
But let's proceed with order ...

"Touristic Kyiv" is always available to support all those who plan to visit Kyiv and Ukraine. Suggestions and recommendations on the country and its capital. The best restaurants, tourist attractions, activities. And on request you can get personal assertions and advice on your application.
We have a deep base of top specialists in different areas. Tour guides, interpreters, massage and beauty specialists, lawyers and accountants, real estate managers and doctors.

Are you planning a trip to Ukraine?

The rich Ukrainian culture, the ancient sites, the hospitable people, the delicious cuisine and the magnificent nature will surely make you feel at ease. Touristic Kyiv's tourist team will be happy to assist you with any kind of travel, making your visit to Ukraine easier, safer and more fun. Experience a mixture of cultural, fun and relaxing activities.


On our site you can get various tours in Kiev, excursions and leisure programs, request tailor-made tours or find free publications that provide useful advice on tourism in Ukraine.

Various services for business assistance, cultural programs and organization of free time. Our team of local professional guides will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have in our country.

For those who are looking or for a little 'relaxation we have prepared beautiful packages on SPA procedures, health and beauty.
If you came on business, we would be happy to offer you our interpreting service, business consulting, secretarial assistance and many others.

In a word, our private guides are always welcome to meet all your tourist needs. We will make you a personalized program advising the best places to visit and the best things to do based on your needs and interests.


In any case, "Touristic Kyiv" is always ready to help you!

- Professional team
- Reliable managers, expert guides and qualified specialists offer a top quality service.
- Complete service
- The extensive list of our programs covers everything that you may need during your trip to Ukraine.
- Individual approach
- We offer activities, locations and times that meet your needs and personal needs

- Discover all the best and most attractive places in Kiev and Ukraine with our team!


- private excursions to Kyiv
(Welcome to the Kiev visit: discover the best places in our city and its immense suburb.You knew that Kiev is an ancient city with many places and places to see.Our city boasts a beautiful architecture, a deep history, a rich culture, modern art, delicious cuisine and friendly people.Tourism in Kiev is becoming more and more popular, people from all over the world come to get to know our beautiful city.And Kiev tour guides are looking forward to offer you the best walking tours and tourist programs by car.There are many routes and excursions to see Kiev.Our local guides have created really fantastic programs that cover the best to see.Our excursions have very logical, rich and exciting routes Do not worry about getting tired on our walking tour, because you can always take a short break for a coffee in the nearest coffee shop and enjoy a light chat with our friendly guide. In winter, in the event of rain or short periods, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy our guided tours. And of course, consider our country tours that are also very comfortable, interesting and professional)

- tailor-made tours in Ukraine
(cities like Odessa, Lviv and the fabulous Carpathian Mountains, as well as the ancient castles and fortresses dislocated on the national territory)

- organization of events and ceremonies

- organization of leisure programs
(Kyiv's nightlife is one of the integral parts of the city of welbeing, so Kiev is not only famous for its historical and cultural sights but also for active party venues Kyiv's nightlife is an essential part of the local industry which is a joy to both Ukrainians and foreigners, and it is not surprising that the capital of Ukraine is full of night clubs, and numerous bars and clubs welcome people to participate in their light events, and we are here to offer you the best nightlife programs. in Kyiv, we will let you know more elite and controlled places, so do not worry with us you will be 100% safe and you will maintain a friendly attitude.We offer you the chance to join us in the best Bar Crawl, Kyiv Party Events and even get the Elite Companionship service: do not miss the opportunity to get to know the city from its different parts and have fun after a program of cultural visits or a hard week)

- transport and transfers

- business consultancy and professional support
(Ukraine is actively developing a country open to new businesses, investment and cooperation, so take the time to enter the Ukrainian market with great growth potential, and we look forward to offering you commercial support from the best specialists in your industry "Touristic Kyiv" can offer you a wide range of local partners and specialists working in different business areas.The Ukrainian professionals are known for their high level of expertise and fairly democratic prices that make you profit well so we are ready to offer you assistance of Ukrainian professionals in different fields We have partners in law and business consulting, programming and web design specialists, international trade agents, interpreters and secretaries, and we also have good real estate managers who will be happy to assist you in buying real estate in Kiev. in the renting of apartments or in the purchase of land for business or construction activities)

- Releasing programs for psychophysical wellbeing
(After days of proactive work, full of responsibilities and obligations, honoring yourself with a relaxing body treatment.Our relaxing programs get you back from stress and fatigue.Reload your energy and enjoy the pleasant manipulations of the massage, take the Jacuzzi worm or take part in the sauna Choose the Kyiv SPA procedure to your taste and take part in health and relaxation

- Service of galant appointments in Kyiv
(It is no secret that Ukraine is popular for the Kyiv dating service.The Ukrainian girls are famous for beauty and hospitality, a good education and a nice character and many other advantages. they dream of going out with Ukrainian girls and even getting joy from them, and the tourist Kiev would be happy to help you match, we are not a merriage agency, but we are able to organize nice meetings in Kyiv with very attractive women. Our appointment managers will be delighted to offer you a rich choice of Kiev girls for knowledge, Romanic date and company.Select and invite a girl you like for dinner or nightlife tour.Enjoy your nice company and then who knows that kind of relationships will emerge from your meeting)








by Mrs Svitlana Gyrych

Director of Touristic Kyiv



TOURISTIC KYIV - Travel Guide in Ukraine


E-mail: info@touristic.kiev.ua


Contact with Viber / WhatsApp : + 38093-499-98-97


WEB SITE : www.touristic.kiev.ua


FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/touristic.kiev.ua





Your tailor-made trip. The best destinations in Ukraine with the best industry partners of Tour Marketing Ukraine. The thrill of traveling in a new territory at cheap prices.
An Italian reference directly on the territory, for advice and additional information in the name of ideas to better organize your own trip to Ukraine, signaling the best destinations, hotels, restaurants and offers from Ukrainian industry Partners, so you do not spend a fortune eventually, acting as a link to meet your every need and request. Tour Marketing Ukraine as an Italian guide among the tourist, cultural and architectural sites of the country, with constant and professional updating and, to discover all that there is to know about this wonderful nation, before traveling to a chosen destination. "
The excursions are conducted by licensed and highly qualified guides. Advice for choosing the best hotels and restaurants according to the quality and price ratio.
I believe that Ukraine is an ideal place for tourism and business development, so I operate in full transparency with the professional support of Ukrainian companies, to demonstrate to all those who visit this country and who have as their next tourist destination the wonderful, civil and democratic Ukraine!



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